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Top Tips For Writing  PhD Research Proposal In Finance

Top Tips For Writing PhD Research Proposal In Finance
Posted on Aug 14 2019 by tutorsindia

You Might Be Having An Idea That Writing Your PhD Research Proposal In Finance May Be A Difficult Task. Then We Second Your Thought. There’s A Specific Process Of Writing A Research Proposal. All You Have To Do Is To Grasp The Steps Within The Process. If The Paper Is Researched And Written In A Systematic Manner Then It'll Take Less Time And Effort For You.

Here Are Some Tips To Finding A PhD Research Proposal In Finance

  • You Should Go Along With An Interesting Research Topic.
  • The Topic Should Be Pertinent And Should Not Have The Characteristics Of Your School’s Essay Topic.
  • There Should Be An Attempt To Make The Research As Unique As Possible. Don’t Compromise On Originality Within The Topic.
  • It Is Essential To Perform Some Background Check On The Research Took Up. The Key's That You Shouldn't Carry Out The Research With Limited Understanding.
  •  Don’t Include Unnecessary Details.
  • Make Sure That You Give The Proper References So That It's A Simple Process For Those Who Go Through It.

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Research Proposal

A Research Proposal Is An Overview Of Your Current Proposed Project. These Proposals Vary Long, And Therefore It Becomes Important To Carry Out A Thorough Check With The Concerned Department. One Should Also Check The Word Limit And Defined Guidelines. Generally, Research Proposals Should Be Of Approximate 3000 Words. It's Structured To Suffice The Following Objectives:

  • To Define The Question And Therefore The Precise Approach To Answering It.
  • To Accentuate The Originality Or Significance Of Your Proposal.
  • To Explain However It Adds To Or Develops The Current Literature Within The Existing Field.
  •  To Approach Funders Or Investors And Persuade Them Of The Importance Of Your Research.

Research Proposals Are Used To Access Your Proficiency Within The Space You Want To Hold Out Your Research And Your Existing Knowledge Of The Topic And How You Projected Idea Or Methodology Helps In Its Improvement. These Proposals Are Used To Assign A Supervisor To Assess Your Work. You'll Also Mention Whether You're Interested In Working With A Specific Supervisor And If You've Got Discussed Your Work With Them.

The General Structure Of A Research Proposal Includes The Following:


The Title Should Include Appropriate Keywords Which Will Help Relate Your Proposal To Supervisors, Funder And Others.


A Short Overview Of Where Your Research Fits Within The Existing Scenarios. This Section Should Be Used To Link Your Research And Existing Methods And How It'll Help Within The Improvement Of Your Subject.


This Section Should Highlight Scripts That Are Valuable To Your Project. It Should Also Display Your Ideas, Problems And Existing Gaps Between Proposed And Existing Research.

Design And Methodology

This Section Should Specify The Structure Of Your Research As Well Because The Methods You Intend To You For It.


References Should Include All The Sources Of Information You Required For Your Study. It Portrays Your Grasp On The Literature Of The Pertaining Subject At The Same Time It Specifies Your Contribution Towards It.


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